I admit it. I’m hard-headed. In fact, I tend to ignore simple programming rules, just because I think I’m great at paying attention. Unfortunately, even I make mistakes.

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IE9 Compat View Issue

on October 10, 2011 | Filed Under HTML | No Comments »

The Issue

If you’re working on a web page (or site,) you may notice that IE9 keeps pushing your view settings back to “IE9 Compat View”, IE8 or IE7.

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Keeping Users Logged In

on September 26, 2011 | Filed Under Advice | 23 Comments »

Recently, I’ve been doing some work with login forms and maintaining site credentials.  There are several issues, which must be taken into account when you handle how a user accesses your website.  I wanted to take a moment and write a quick
blog about how I like to handle users on my website.

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I’m a huge fan of making code shorter, where possible. One of the tricks that I use the most often is to make shorthand IF/ELSE statements. It seems as though a lot of beginner programmers are coming across these on the internet and can’t understand what’s going on. I can assure you that, once you see the syntax, you’ll easily understand it and even become a fan.

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Case-Sensitive Calls to SQL

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Storing case-sensitive information in a SQL database can be a bit of a challenge. Traditionally, if you’re going to store information that needs to be retrieved based on the case, you need to encrypt it. But what happens when you are brought in on a project and a data set has been given to you, which has been created over a long period of time? Sure, you can create an application that goes through and encrypts the data, then go through thousands of lines of code, to ensure that every reference to that field is changed to use your encryption method. But maybe that’s not an option.

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