Rounding Corners with CSS 3

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With the prospect of CSS 3 (sometimes referred to as CSS 5, due to its release with HTML5) becoming a standard within web browsers, many web designers have began implementing some of the new features on their websites. One of the most anticipated implementations is the use of Rounded Corners.

You may recall from my post, Creating Rounded Corners, that the current implementation of CSS requires you to create images and use a bit of programming to accomplish a small effect. Thanks to the newest version of CSS, that is no longer the case.

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I was browsing some forums over the weekend and someone had asked how you can validate an ASP.NET CheckBoxList on the client-side. The natural instinct would be to use the RequiredFieldValidator control. Unfortunately, this control is not compatible with the CheckBoxList

The only way to properly accomplish this is by using Javascript, or creating a server-side user control that has some Javascript built into it. So here’s my solution:

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Creating Rounded Corners

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Today’s lesson is focusing on the current way to implement rounded corners, as part of your site’s design. Some designers use them on small elements, while others use them for the entire site’s layout. CSS 3 (sometimes referred to as CSS 5,) as part of HTML5, will be introducing rounded corners as a standard command (See my post, Rounding Corners with CSS 3), eliminating the need to use graphics to produce them. Until then, web designers and programmers are forced to keep Photoshop handy.

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Classes in JavaScript

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One of the most frustrating things about JavaScript (besides browser compatibility) is that there is really no way to define a class. That is, not without a little counter-intuitive work.

For today’s lesson, we’re going to take a theoretical car and simulate a trip down a bumpy road. If all four tires survive the trip, we’ll have a successful trip. If not, our trip will have failed.

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Installing MVC 2 on IIS 6

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There are tons of articles out there about how to get MVC working on IIS 6, but none of them seem to be a quick fix.

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