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Keeping Users Logged In

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Recently, I’ve been doing some work with login forms and maintaining site credentials.  There are several issues, which must be taken into account when you handle how a user accesses your website.  I wanted to take a moment and write a quick
blog about how I like to handle users on my website.

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I’m a huge fan of making code shorter, where possible. One of the tricks that I use the most often is to make shorthand IF/ELSE statements. It seems as though a lot of beginner programmers are coming across these on the internet and can’t understand what’s going on. I can assure you that, once you see the syntax, you’ll easily understand it and even become a fan.

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I’d like to take a moment to welcome everyone who is reading this.  The goal of DevPaper.NET is to give programmers a different look at how things are done.  I have been programming for about 7 years and professionally for about 3.  I won’t ever claim that my way is the only way to program and I highly encourage user feedback on topics.The main focus of this blog is the .NET technologies, but it is by no means limited to it.  I got my start in Visual Basic 6, picked up Visual Basic .NET and soon moved to C# .NET, but I have since learned JavaScript, CSS, Java and a variety of other languages.

I will give a mini warning and let everyone know that I am a huge fan of the AJAX technology, but I don’t ever use ASP.NET controls for it.  I like to create all of my AJAX front-end with JavaScript and use ASP.NET as my backend support for it.  If I post blogs on AJAX and you know of a more efficient way to do this with ASP.NET, then by all means, go ahead and post it :)

Thank you for taking an interest in DevPaper.NET and I hope that together, my readers and I can turn this site into something spectacular!

 ~Derek Torrence